BioCircuitry: Slime Mold Networks and Computational Models workshop

Tuesday, April 16th 1-3pm Instructors: Owen Coolidge & Matt Halpenny, with Alex Bachmayer Slime mold is a biological wild card capable of forming networks of emergent behaviour and intelligence out of single cells. Their colonies have collective memory banks and sophisticated problem solving skills, allowing them to act as mini biocomputers. Along with their efficient…

Beauty and the Booch is live!

A deep dive into the making of Théo and WhiteFeather’s Bucci dress, the connection between beauty and birth in Yvonne Pelling’s Mother project, and much more.


A symbiotic structure that incorporates slime mold into reclaimed electronic waste.

Industrial Waste/ Microbial Bioremediation workshop

Industrial Waste/ Microbial Bioremediation workshop Dates/ Times: December 5 from 1-4pm & December 7 from 1-2:30pm Instructor: WhiteFeather Hunter with Alex Bachmayer, technical assistant Day 1 will introduce participants to techniques used to culture soil microbes found in ambient soil samples, as well as to soil inoculation techniques using a special species of bacteria known…