jacqueline beaumont releases new work: PIV_1

PIV is a cube of biopolymer waste, cast with a replica of my own phallus. The work attempts to penetrate cultural constructions of values that endanger the sustainability of trans livelihood. A building block for gestating speculative ideas of inheritance, biopower and the future of social equality. 

PIV digests phallic symbolisms by subverting the cis-hetero-patriarchal practice of immortalizing one’s impression on the world, by preserving one’s vanity and power through portraiture or sculpted busts, to be revered by future generations.

By casting a part of myself to be inherited by microbial bodies, the void left behind, becomes a receptacle for the world around it, accumulating societies’ preconceived notions of sex, gender, value and time, within a soft architecture of decay.

All photos by jacqueline beaumont

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