Breathing Aesthetics: A talk with Jean-Thomas Tremblay and Alice Jarry

Please join the Critical Anthropocene Research Group for their first event of the academic year: a joint talk with Dr. Jean-Thomas Tremblay (York) and Dr. Alice Jarry (Concordia) about Breathing Aesthetics.

Dr. Tremblay’s talk previews the monograph Breathing Aesthetics, in which they argue that difficult breathing indexes the uneven distribution of risk in a contemporary era marked by the increasing contamination, weaponization, and monetization of air. Tremblay shows how biopolitical and necropolitical forces tied to the continuation of extractive capitalism, imperialism, and structural racism are embodied and experienced through respiration

Dr. Jarry’s presentation will address the material and conceptual aspects of the collaborative research-creation project [re]capture*. Exploring how ‘membranes’ can act as porous interfaces that enable exchanges across systems and transform what is filtered in the process, [re]capture aims at materializing the microscopic invisibility of air pollution and the macroscopic dimension of its socio-environmental issues.

The event will take place next Friday, November 25 at 3:00 pm in the Speculative Life Research Cluster room (Milieux Institute, EV 10.625).

More information and registration details available here.


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