jacqueline beaumont releases new work: PIV_1

PIV is a cube of biopolymer waste, cast with a replica of my own phallus. The work attempts to penetrate cultural constructions of values that endanger the sustainability of trans livelihood. A building block for gestating speculative ideas of inheritance, biopower and the future of social equality.  PIV digests phallic symbolisms by subverting the cis-hetero-patriarchal…

Hexagram x ELEKTRA – MATERIA : Labo Public de création de savoirs numériques — Sept 8 – 10

This event will bring together, over three consecutive days, local and international artists, creators, scientists, researchers and professionals from the artistic and cultural sectors. Invited guests and visitors, along with a team of mediators, will also participate in this arena of creation and knowledge sharing, at the intersections of art, design, science, and multiple forms of knowledge and forms of knowing