Bacteriological Soil Analysis workshop

This workshop, held exclusively for the Speculative Life Research Cluster’s Ethnography Lab research group, Montreal Waterways, will look to bacteriological analysis of soil samples. These samples, collected from the (now destroyed) historical Village des Tanneries, will complement the ethnographic study conducted by the group. Workshop date and time: Thursday, December 14, 3:30-5pm Led by WhiteFeather…

Maker Week with Matt Ratto

As part of Maker Week at Milieux with Matt Ratto (University of Toronto), workshop participants visited the Speculative Life BioLab to engage with the theme of Quantifiable Self through microbiology. Each participant cultured their own microbiome, which was then allowed to grow over the duration of the week. Results were variable, with some participants culturing…

Lab Meet-up!

The next lab meet-up for current lab users, new lab users and others interested in collaborative work in the lab will be on Monday, October 16th at 2pm! All Milieux members and affiliate researchers are welcome – EV 10.835.

MilieuxMake Imaging Microscopy workshop

Following the success of the first Imaging Microscopy workshop held in the lab a year ago, we are offering this workshop again to all interested Milieux members. Register with Marc Beaulieu at


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