Julian Stadon in residence: Guest Lecture and Workshop

Julian Stadon is in residence at the BioLab this week and will be a guest speaker and will lead a workshop as part of his time here.


Stadon’s talk, ‘From Augmentation to Ecological Aesthetics: Artistic Methods for Empathetic Engagement with Post-Nature,’ is part of the Speculative Life Research Cluster Symposium 2022,

This presentation will offer an overview of Stadon’s individual and collaborative research in the fields of Augmentation and Ecological Aesthetics. With a specific focus on the recently developed TeleAgriCulture Platform, and the subsequent projects that were developed using it, such as The Island of the Day Before Project, this presentation will address how these practice-based methods for collaboration and public engagement can go beyond art exhibitions, toward empathy and action and offer means by which to better understand our complex and multi-scalar relationships with ecosystems.

DATE: Friday 21st from 4:00-5:00 PM
LOCATION: Milieux Resource Centre (EV-11.705)

For more information about the talk and registration click here.

Presented by the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture & Technology and the Speculative Life Research Cluster


Stadon’s workshop, ‘TeleAgriCulture: Developing Crowd/Cloud Approaches to Creative Cultivation and Empathetic Engagement in Post-Natural Ecologies,’ will take place Saturday, October 29th and will cap off his residency at the BioLab.

In this workshop, participants will engage in urban environmental sampling (water, soil, air etc.) and will be introduced to the TeleAgriCulture platform. Based on previous and novel projects, as well as case studies that aim to engage creatives, farmers, cooks, and the general public in food, urban, and post-industrial ecologies, the workshop will offer an overview of how the digital sensor systems operate and are modified, along with other peripheral sampling methods. Participants will be introduced to the system technics and its data flows, from sensor/sample to server, to creative outputs, along with being introduced to an ideation and rapid-prototyping method for using the platform. Participants will then break into transdisciplinary teams and, using available samples, develop a project concept that uses the platform, with the results to be presented at the end of the session.

DATE: Saturday 22nd from 10:00am-5:00pm
LOCATION: Speculative Life Research Cluster room (Room EV-10.625)

To participate in this workshop please register here.

Presented by the Concordia University Research Chair in Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality with Hexagram Network.

Julian Stadon is an Australian artist/designer/curator/researcher/educator. His practice-based research intersects biocomputational processes, embodiment, and food ecologies toward performative art-science interventions. His PhD examines Post-Bio-Digital Identity and Augmentation Aesthetics through the Data Body Trader project and marart.org. Stadon currently teaches at Interface Cultures (Linz), Winchester and LUCA Schools of Art, directs TeleAgriCulture and The Island of the Day Before Projects and is on the steering committees for the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 3erH0F and Donautics


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