[Vernissage] jacqueline beaumont at Projet Casa: Sonnet à la science. Ode à la magie.

jacqueline beaumont is one of the 11 artists featured in Projet Casa’s summer exhibition — Sonnet à la science. Ode à la magie. Opening July 29th, this exhibition showcases the work of artists whose practices explore the relationship between scientific knowledge + imagination and technology + fantasy. jacqueline is showing 2 new works.

the end of a bloodline – 2021 – 9″x3.” Artist’s own blood (dried and crushed), pyrex offering vessel. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist’s description:

Our planetary ecosystem has eutrophied under a thick bloom of colonial-hetero-patriarchy, our bodies of water, corrode in this aqueous solution, breaking us down in it’s undergrowth. This attempt to digest and consume our bodies will not be taken passively, our existence is testament to our extremophilic adaptations which maintain our state of homeostasis despite violent socio-environmental conditions.

The jock-cup is an object designed for the preservation of human reproductive organs, it protects the wearer from impact when running interference with forces of offense, defending both the reproductive future of that body and the continuity of a bloodline. Specifically, MTF transgender bodies are left in a state of biological limbo, chemically castrated by the sparkling promise of divine feminine biomedical intervention. The inside of the jock cup has been inoculated with 6 cultivated skin microbiome samples of my non-genealogical, chosen family members. This micro-terrarium serves as a generative soft architecture, housing and preserving queer biological kin making. Forming a world in which parts of ourselves can live, die and putrefy together amidst planetary socio-reproductive emergencies.

Blood connects us to our past, present and future ancestry and the worlds these bearers inhabit. Throughout my transition the anxiety induced, by trying to flesh out the future of my familial lineage becomes too much to bear on my own. My medical transition has left me chemically castrated and therefore rendering my bloodline complete. Without a future, I’m left with my mere raw materials, scrap molecules. I intend to build worlds in which my kin and I can finally construct a view of the horizon


Vernissage July 29th @ 5pm

Sonnet à la science. Ode à la magie. runs July 29th – September 4th, 2022 at Projet Casa:
4351 Avenue de l’Esplanade, Montreal


Featured image (left): to beat the womb at it’s own game (Armour 1) – 2022 – 8″x4.” Photopolymer resin, mammalian polymer coating, unfired porcelain, latex, bacterial cultures (6), nutrient media. Image courtesy of the artist.


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