Invasive Materials: Rebuilding Relations with Disturbed Landscapes @ FAB16

As part of the FAB16 conference, Thomas Heinrich will demonstrate a method for turning invasive plant material into bio-objects. It will take place August 10th, 2021 from 3:15–4:45pm.

Eurasian milfoil is an exotic invasive aquatic plant spreading in over 200 lakes in Quebec. Because of its multiple and highly effective means of reproduction, it can occupy entire bodies of water and reach a density of 1000 stems per square meter. Like all human-induced ecological issues, the spread of milfoil forces us to reconsider our understanding of land and of interspecies relationships. This reconsideration brings us to imagine a new future, one that contends with disruptions and uncertainty and that, in response, produces new meaningful objects. In this workshop, Thomas Heinrich will demonstrate a method for transforming Eurasian milfoil into bio-objects, illustrating the potential for invasive plants to be interpreted not as a nuisance but as a gift.

For more information, visit the FAB16 website or join the FAB16 network to see detailed descriptions of workshops and to officially sign up to participate.

Bio-objects created from Eurasian milfoil. Photo by Thomas Heinrich.

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