Fermented Triptych

Fermented TriptychKombucha SCOBY, 2019 Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) is a living organism that continuously forms cellulosic layers.  These layers are floating just above the Kombucha liquid, it’s flow and expansion create natural and simple movements.  Drawing inspiration from movements found in nature and mindfulness practices, Fermented Triptych, is meant to be…

WhiteFeather named Québeçoise extraordinaire in Science, URBANIA Magazine

WhiteFeather has been named as a 2018 “Québeçois.es extraordinaires” by URBANIA Magazine (Montreal). WhiteFeather was one of five nominees in the Science category, nominated by Science journalist, Marianne Desaultels-Marissal, who wrote about WhiteFeather’s work for the issue, Spécial Extraordinaire 2018. Voici les 50 Québécois.es qui créent l’extraordinaire en 2018 !