CQAM documents work by artist-in-residence Amélie Brindamour

The Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM) and Milieux, Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology of Concordia University hosted artist-in-residence Amélie Brindamour throughout October and November 2019. The residency took place at Milieux and Amélie spent a lot of her time working between Milieux’s Maker Space and the Speculative Life Biolab. This afternoon, Martine Frossard from CQAM came by the lab to film Amélie’s work-in-progress.

Throughout the residency, Amélie worked closely with artist and biodesigner Théo Chauvirey. They spent the better part of the two months researching the structural and sculptural potential of several kinds of mycelium. Much of this work will become part of a new project, Bearer of Light / Feux follets, including some of the lighting circuitry she’s been developing in both the Maker Space and the Biolab.

Martine informally interviewing Amélie and Théo about their process.

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