Fermented Triptych

Fermented Triptych
Kombucha SCOBY, 2019

Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) is a living organism that continuously forms cellulosic layers.  These layers are floating just above the Kombucha liquid, it’s flow and expansion create natural and simple movements.  Drawing inspiration from movements found in nature and mindfulness practices, Fermented Triptych, is meant to be a representation of nature’s simplicity and a way to understand the self within time and space. 

Living in a world where there are many things we are “supposed” to do, we often forget to take the time to check in with what is truly needed. The interaction between the playful movements created here through light and the movements of the participant within the structure form an opportunity to check in with the body and mind.  It is an invitation to ask yourself, “what do I need?” rather than “what should I be doing?”

Sensing into who you are before engaging with the installation as a whole or in parts as to make intentional movements. Feeling and observing what is arising as you make the movements. And finally adjusting based on what you are feeling. 

As a team we draw on our collective experience as researchers, artists and designers to inform the use of Kombucha SCOBY to create a mindful moment through movement.

The Fermented Triptych teams consists of Théo Chauvirey, Haleh Vedadi, Yvonne Pelling, and Alex Bachmayer.

***All photos by Théo Chauvirey***


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