Biomaterials and Invasive Plants: De Souche Virtual Public Workshop

On April 25th, the BioLab will be hosting a public workshop on the intersection of biomaterials and invasive species management. This event will feature a live tutorial demonstrating how to make bio-objects derived from the invasive plant Eurasian milfoil at home with regular kitchen appliances and ingredients. It will also foster an open discussion on the potential of these methods to reshape our relationships to invasive species and our changing landscapes.

The De Souche project is concerned specifically with the invasive aquatic plant Eurasian milfoil, present in over 200 lakes across Quebec. It is known to quickly smother large areas, driving away indigenous plants and fish and the degrading ecosystems. In March, the De Souche team met with community members from Lake Lovering, Qc in order to discuss the potential of biomaterials in local efforts against the spread of milfoil. This second workshop opens up the project’s process and methods to the public — specifically to Concordia students, faculty, and staff as well as community members and exterior experts.

This event will educate participants in low-tech ways to produce biomaterials at home and to generate fruitful exchanges on how localized biomaterial production can offer new ways to manage the propagation of invasive species.

Join us April 25th, 11h00-12h00. The workshop is free and you can register for the Zoom webinar here, or tune in to workshop livestream on the De Souche Facebook page. Learn more about the workshop series here.


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