Nodes—A Milieux Film

NODES, directed by Vjosana Shkurti and Agustina Isidori, is a short experimental documentary that explores alternative ways of documenting Milieux’s research-creation projects outside of their usual academic or studio environments. Nodes frames these projects in new contexts where they can take a new breath.”

“During the process of making this film, project creators participated in the creative decisions to figure out collectively how to best create a story around their object. By experimenting with scale, lighting and natural locations, the film looks at these projects with a new eye that has influenced the project creators in return. The feedback loop is where this film becomes an extension of the ethos that is ascribed to research-creation as a process of research, experimentation, development and innovation.”

“Research-creation projects with a physical component became the focus of this film as they allowed us to manipulate their shape and scale into sometimes unrecognizable forms or new structures and performative characters.” 

Click here for more information on the film, the projects involved, and the team that put it all together. Bucci dress by Théo Chauvirey & WhiteFeather Hunter is featured in the film.


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