Bacterial Portraiture—Results

Two days after the first Bacterial Portraiture workshop, we got together to check out the results from Monday. We printed some of portraits and landscapes onto fabric, learned how to autoclave our samples, and cryopreserved our cultures to build up our bacterial library for future workshops and biolabers. The paintings grew beautifully and the scarves (and underwear?!) were vibrant.

Checking out the bacteria portrait (and landscape!) results.

A plate inspired by our current weather.

Preparing a dyed silk scarf for the autoclave.

Serratia dyed underwear, fresh from the growing pan.

Serratia plate after 48hrs.

Post-printing on fabric—reversed but lovely!

Going through the fabric samples in MilieuxMake post-printing and autoclaving

The colour Serratia ends up depends on a lot of factors including the fabric it’s printed onto.

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