Waterways Biodiversity Group at the Spec Life Biolab

Over the summer, Devon McKellar will be leading research in the Speculative Life Biolab as part of the Waterways Biodiversity Group. This project documents and studies soil microbes and plants near the Saint Paul lock on the Lachine Canal.

Devon preparing soil dilutions

As a part of this project, Devon will be collecting two samples near the base of Rue Sainte Marguerite in St Henri every week and will be bringing them into the lab to create serial soil dilutions.

Soil dilutions from the Sainte Marguerite site near the Saint Paul Lock on the Lachine Canal

The serial soil dilutions will be cultured on petri dishes and the microbial growth patterns throughout the summer will be documented. The results will be observed, along with weather patterns and major changes to the site, to present a snapshot of the living ecosystem throughout the growing season.

Plated serial soil dilutions

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