Mycocene at ELEKTRA

“Mycocene​ is a speculative future. It symbolizes a transition away from the Anthropocene towards a future where our current use of technology is composted into one that has symbiosis in mind.

The collective ​somme​—a collaboration between Emma Forgues, Sam Bourgault, Owen Coolidge, Matthew Halpenny, and Matthew Salaciak—showed their work at OBORO from June 12–15 as a part of the International Digital Arts Festival, ELEKTRA.

Slime mould + electronics

Symbiosis within the ​Mycocene​ blurs the line between conventional technology and nature. It explores uses of technology that do not attempt to save nor exploit our ecosystems, but augment and communicate with them. Mycelium is the communication highway between species, it is an integral link within ecosystems, functioning like an internet of nutrients.

somme giving a tour of Mycocene

For more information on the exhibition, check out somme’s page on the Elektra site and for more information about the project, check out


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