Your First GMO: DIY CRISPR with Kevin Chen


Have you ever wondered what genetic engineering is? What is CRISPR and all the hype about that? How close are we to the future in which genetic engineering is used to bring back extinct species, extend human life or eradicating genetic diseases? In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of the science, art and impact of genetic engineering. In the hands-on portion of this workshop you’ll create your first GMO, a common lab-strain of bacteria, using a DIY CRISPR kit. In the discussion, we’ll talk about some of the latest advancements, myths, realities, risks and ideas in the technology and art of genetic engineering.

Led by Kevin Chen, co-founder of Bricobio. Bricobio is a community and open laboratory for doing science, creating art and learning about biology. Located in Montreal, Canada.

Monday, January 23 at 1 PM – 4 PM Speculative Life Lab (EV 10.835)

*****MUST register for the workshop, here:

Presented by Fluxmedia.



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