MilieuxMake Imaging Microscopy workshop

Following the success of the first Imaging Microscopy workshop held in the lab a year ago, we are offering this workshop again to all interested Milieux members. Register with Marc Beaulieu at


Biomaterials research applied to fashion

Open Up! On Laboratory Cultures – article by Maya Hey

“Studio implies creativity, and Lab implies experimentation. Both connote research. We think and do in the rehearsal hall, the clinic, the design atelier, the playground, and even ‘the street.’ How does naming a space “a lab” change how and what we do inside?” Read the full article by Maya Hey on Milieux Institute’s Pause Button…

MilieuxMake: Do-it-together Incubator Building

Do-it-together Incubator Workshop is a chance to learn how to hack electronic components from disused PCs and muck them together with other new components to build functional incubators for bacterial culture! In the 3 hour session we will work in teams to design and build 3 separate incubators for use in the lab. All materials…