Mycelium-based Biomaterial as a Substitute to Fiberglass

Researcher: Théo Chauvirey (MDes student, Concordia University)

Project scope:

This research focuses on the potential use of mycelium (mushroom roots) as a new sustainable alternative to fiberglass in metro cars. The research is based on a series of experiments to test the ability of the mycelium to be shaped using different materials (vacuum formed plastic, silicone, 3D printing) but also for other characteristics such as texture, shape, the composition of the substrate that feeds the mycelium and its self-assembling properties.

2017-04-18 23.26.04
Mycelium prototype.

Through this empirical exploration, Théo aims to find new innovative ways to work with mycelium and to develop a new generation of sustainable bio-composites.

Video by Théo Chauvirey and Sami Zenderoudi.

Activities/ Publications:

Mycelium-based Biomaterial As a Substitute to Plastics in the Interior Design of Transportation Vehicles? Toward a Bio-Inspired Metro System

Synapse MDes Colloquium & Exhibition, Black Box, Concordia University


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