Cooking and Culturing Colour Part I

On March 15th, Vanessa Mardirossian facilitated Part I of the Cooking and Culturing Colour workshop series. She introduced participants to dyeing with food waste and showed us how to prepare protein and cellulose fibres (using different mordants and pre-treatments) for the dye baths. We prepared dyes using onion skins, avocado pits and peels, black beans, red cabbage, and turmeric. This kind of research-creation practice requires rigorous documentation and planning and Vanessa showed us some of her well-honed record-keeping methodologies.

Next week, we’ll see the first batch of results, modify some of the samples by over-dyeing and pH shifting, and will begin learning how to culture and care for pigment-producing bacteria!

For more information about Vanessa’s practice, check out her Instagram page.


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