[Workshop] Kombucha @ Home — Feb 19th

MilieuxMake is happy to announce as part of the winter 2021 line-up, the first in a series of BioLab@Home Workshops, where we will begin to look at using the kitchen as a safe bio-research space, introducing methods of material-creation, adapted for the home.

Fermentation is a transformational and dynamic metabolic process that is intimately tied to the life cycles and environmental conditions of microorganisms.

After a brief introduction to fermentation techniques and theory, and a discussion of some of the research projects that have come out of the Milieux Speculative Life BioLab, we will give a live kitchen demo showing the process for creating — and caring for — your own kombucha cultures. We will close with a discussion of how to expand and adapt the techniques demonstrated to produce larger works and bio-materials.

Fermenting tea / producing bacterial cellulose at home

Participants who can safely obtain the required ingredients on their own will have the opportunity to follow along in real time. A finalized list of ingredients will be made available to those who wish to participate a week before the workshop

Large-scale SCOBY growth

* This workshop is open to members of all Milieux research clusters and groups.
** Registration is required! Please email: marc.beaulieu@concordia.ca to register for this workshop, including ‘Kombucha’ in the subject line.


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