Ecologies of Experience: Systems & Art—Oct 30th

This Friday, Convergence Initiative hosts BioLaber Matthew Halpenny as part of their Sci-Art/Art-Sci Conference Series.

Often when we think about artmaking or installations our mind conjures images of painting, sculpture, or video. These artworks are static, unchanging. What happens when we introduce systems into art? Systems rely on a collection of interdependent parts that follow the principle ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ (emergence). These parts are always changing, in flux, and result in an artwork that varies over time and by its environment. Much like natural ecosystems, we can’t isolate them from one single object (a tree does not make an ecosystem). So, it may be hard for us to imagine an artwork as a system. How do we display it? How can we draw meaning from it if it never holds the same form? This talk will present examples of system-based art, both from the presenters’ own work and the work of others while giving a brief overview of how the process of the artwork reveals meaning through sense and experience. Drawing from fields such as ecology, complex systems theory, and perception this form of art relies heavily on interdisciplinary collaboration and opens up new opportunities for how we experience art.

Tune in tomorrow, October 30th at Noon. Register here. Check out the Facebook event here.

To find out more about the Convergence Sci-Art/Art-Sci Conference Series, click here.


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