Vanessa Mardirossian participates in Three Minute Thesis competition

Yesterday, as part of the international 3MT/MT180 competition, Biolaber Vanessa Mardirossian presented her doctoral research—La face cachée de la matière: une écolittératie du vêtement par une approche moléculaire de la couleur dans une practique écoresponsable du design textile—in a concise and accessible format: one PowerPoint slide and a three minute time limit! In the lab, Vanessa works with everything from kitchen scraps to pigment-producing bacteria to transform our intimate relationship to the colours we wear. The title of her short presentation is Des couleurs saines pour un corps sain (Healthy Colours for a Healthy Body).

Normally, this competition happens in person and is designed for a live audience. Because of the pandemic, it took place over Zoom and was livestreamed over 4TH SPACE’s Facebook page, which allowed for people all over the world to attend. We’re super excited to announce that Vanessa came in first place in the French PhD category!

Click here to re-watch a recording of the presentation. It’s a long video and Vanessa starts her presentation around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Featured photo slide by Vanessa Mardirossian


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