Interspecies Meditations for Hybrid Futures

As a part of Queering the Map’s On_Site exhibition at Concordia’s 4TH SPACE, biolab member Jacqui Beaumont facilitated the workshop “Interspecies Meditations for Hybrid Futures on July 23rd, 1–4pm.

“Interspecies Meditations for Hybrid Futures” attempts to engage with the critical disposition of animalian and botanical interactions. When personal connections are made to the natural world, we can begin to build a more proactive and ethical understanding of care and it’s interconnectedness to the planetary biota in its entirety. In this workshop we will engage in grounding exercises for both the physical and digital realms (phygital), build a queer understanding of the relation you, as a human being, have with any other organism and the symbiosis therewith in question. We will also speculate the possibilities of matriarchal, or perhaps, alternative movements in our current epoch and those to come.


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