Biolab artist Miri Chek at the Phi Centre on Nuit Blanche

As a part of 2040: L’an/demain—a multisensorial Nuit Blanche event—Miri Chekhanovich (@miri.chek) will be showing a new collaborative video work, Being With The Trouble, as well as a sprouting sculpture, Grow. Miri is known for her performance and installation practice that focuses on ecology, meditation, and the future of waste.

“Phi invited five artists from various disciplines to collaborate on a three-channel audiovisual installation. They will share their vision of what the future holds for us in 20 years, in a 2040 where anything is possible. This installation invites the audience to take part in a contemplative and introspective experience that’ll inspire them to take personal and collective action through art.”

The event is free and starts at 9pm on March 2nd.
Click here for more information on the event and the other artists involved.

Sprouting buckwheat used in Grow. Photo by Sharif Mirshak

The featured photo is taken from the video installation Being With The Trouble. Still image by Sharif Mirshak @ Parafilms


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