Beauty and the Booch is live!

As a part of the Virtual BoochFest that took place last month, lab member Théo Chauvirey created a documentary on the place of kombucha SCOBY in art, science, culture, and design.

Close up of the integration of PCL and kombucha cellulose during the making of the Bucci dress. Still image from Beauty and the Booch.

Beauty and the Booch dives deep into the making of the Théo and WhiteFeather’s Bucci dress, highlights the connection between beauty and birth in Yvonne Pelling’s Mother, and much more! Tune in for discussions on materiality, embodiment, and biomedical science.

Yvonne Pelling and Théo Chauvirey discuss Mother.

The documentary features interviews with Andrei Venter, Haleh Vedaninejad, Jacqui Beaumont, Yvonne Pelling, and WhiteFeather Hunter.

Théo interviews Andrei Venter, Haleh Vedaninejad, and Jacqui Beaumont about why and how they use SCOBY in their art and research practices.

Watch the documentary in two parts below. You can also check out the live interview Théo gave as a part of the Virtual BoochFest conference here.

Part 1 of Beauty and the Booch
Part 2 of Beauty and the Booch

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