biocare: feminist labs and the ethics of care

Researcher: Treva Michelle Pullen, PhD Communications student, Concordia University

Project scope: “Exploring practices of care and maintenance conducted by bioartists, my research addresses and celebrates the intimate and meaningful interactions occurring between these artists and their semi-living subjects/muses/collaborators. Caring for semi-living entities (the term semi-living as defined by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr to describe transgenic beings that occupy an in-between status as living creatures that rely upon outside forces to stay alive) requires an excess of emotional, physical and intellectual labour on the part of the artist…

What can artists do for scientific practice? Can they make messy the sterile space
of the lab, breakdown the barriers imposed upon it, open up the walls that
conceal the lab from the public eye and create feminist interventions that make
these spaces safe and accessible?

What does a feminist bioart lab look like?”

Publications/ Activities:

  • RE:TRACE 20177th International Conference for Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Poster Session, Vienna, Austria.




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