Kombucha fermentation and cellulose cultivation

Researchers: Maya Hey (PhD student in Communication Studies, Concordia University), WhiteFeather Hunter (Spec Life BioLab Techinician, MFA 2016), Théo Chauvirey (MDes student, Concordia University)

Project scope:

Maya Hey’s interests in kombucha are as a fermented food substance and its nonhuman relationship to its human consumers/hosts. WhiteFeather’s research with kombucha includes using the cellulose substrate as a biomaterial for embedding conductive thread and soft circuitry, to produce (a)live electronics. Théo’s research interests with kombucha cellulose include experiments with overlaying it on mycelium scaffolds and/or incorporating mycelium growth with cellulose growth. Théo and WhiteFeather have collaborated together on hybrid cellulose garment construction. See Bucci for more information on the collaboration.

Marc Beaulieu photo.

Activities/ Publications:

Partners for these research activities with Kombucha include:

  • Concordia University Food Studies
  • Milieux Institute

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