Seeking Commons in BioArt Laboratories

Researcher: Treva Pullen, PhD Comms student, Concordia

Project scope:

In this interview, Treva Pullen interviews Cornelia Sollfrank about her project, commons lab, within the context of Seeking Commons in BioArt Laboratories. In her interview, Treva speaks about her involvement and activities with the Speculative Life BioLab.

Cornelia Sollfrank (PhD) is an artist, researcher and university lecturer, currently living in Berlin (Germany). Recurring subjects in her artistic and academic work about digital cultures are authorship, self-organization, gender and techno-feminism.

From the commons lab project by Cornelia Sollfrank:

“Commons are resources created or maintained by a community for their joint use value. Commons are characterized by modes of ownership beyond the private/state dichotomy and by collective ways of dealing with the respective resources. The concept refers to common goods, but a special emphasis is put on the social relations and negotiations necessary to produce and protect them.”

Activities/ Publications:


Partners/ supporters for the research activities include:


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