Dr Tagny Duff’s Cryobook Archives featured on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet


On February 23, 2016, Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show aired a feature on the research entitled Cryobook Archives of Dr Tagny Duff.

“This research creation project is an evolving installation featuring roaming sculptures made of human ex-plant tissue and Lentivirus that have been bound into a series of handmade books. Using tissue culture engineering techniques such as transfection and immunohistochemical staining procedures, images of HIV were embedded into the tissue covers. The books are sewn together with archival paper via surgeons stitches and cat gut sutures. The books are exhibited in a cryobook archive–a small portable freezer unit made into a portable library. In this case, the cryobooks are displayed on shelves that can be observed through glass. When not in use, the detachable portable library sits on a -80 degree biomedical freezer used to transport biomedical specimens.”

More information on the Cryobook Archives project on the Fluxmedia website here.

This episode is not available online.

The episode also included WhiteFeather and her work, the DIY CO2 incubator for mammalian tissue culture, Incubatrix Neith. 


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