Biolabers to present their work at the first ever Culture² conference this weekend

This weekend Jacqui Beaumont and WhiteFeather Hunter will be presenting at the inaugural Culture² conference. Culture² is a beautiful new platform where “farmers, community activists, climate educators, artists, and practitioners will be sharing their wisdom in relation to the pillars of community science, creative biology, and ancestral knowledge.” According the website, the presentations will take all kinds of forms including everything from studio tours to cooking demonstrations to going out into the field — as well as more formal presentations.

Jacqui will be presenting her practice to beat the womb at its own game.

My trans experience has gifted me an embodied understanding of biochemistry at its most celestial and disorienting. Having a background in genetic engineering and material practices, I aim to materialize and intervene in God’s coding in order to illuminate the post-binary essence of nature in all its tangled beauty. As Laboria Cuboniks would say “biology is not destiny” and “if nature is unjust, change nature.” How might we find futurities unbound from biological binarism, stretch ourselves into the waters of kinship with the past present and future ancestries of this place and body? To hack infinity, one must see with eyes beyond the binary. This performance-lecture will weave the evidence I use within my work (both academic and embodied) into a live genetic transfiguration, which will demonstrate the potentials of transfigured biological fertility through raw genetic data, neural networks and computer generated imagery. Through this work, I will prototype futures in which, kin of all genders, races, softwares and species can function as one and many, to beat the womb at its own game.”

WhiteFeather will be presenting her ongoing work The Witch in the lab Coat, which is a “PhD research-creation and scientific research project (in progress) that explores the intersection of feminist witchcraft and tissue engineering through the development of a body- and performance-based laboratory practice.” (From her website).

Jacqui and WhiteFeather will both be presenting on Sunday between 11:05am and 13:20pm.

See the full schedule of the conference below:

Photos and graphics by Culture²


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